DAY 336

Monday 11 June 2012

On the second to last day of our adventure we were packed and tied up loose ends in the guest house. With a couple of confirmation calls to Air Berlin regarding weight and size restrictions we managed to squeeze 11 months worth of travel treasures and left overs into two checked bags each (the second one costing 50 euros).
We had a nice cup of coffee and Nicole's cake with the family from across the street who saw our suitcases and realized there was no place to sit. Roos, ever the hostess whisked everyone back to her kitchen where we chatted and got to know Harrie, Eitje, Vicky, Robbin and Lucas a little better. It had begun to rain when Henri came home and after walking the dogs and showing the family the bullet holes in their house (now filled in) from the war years, they left.
We got ready for dinner out, our treat. The restaurant was in the nearby town of Helmond and was a great choice. Called "De Steenoven", it turned out Roos went to school with one of the owners, Doreen who converted the old brick oven into a wonderful restaurant where we had five courses of excellent food from guinea fowl to jumbo shrimp. By 11 we were back in our guest house and ready for bed. It felt good to be going home.


  1. hello Adrews!

    so you are back in the USA.
    what a shame, we are in Marokko and liked (on our way back home) to see if we could see you again in Europe somewhere.
    so we have to come to your place to visit you.

    we will be back in Holland in september and Goya and Miró start school again.
    but for now we enjoy our stay in Marokko.

    we hope to see you again some time!!!!
    lots of love the Witteveen familie. from Holland.
    Isabel, Mories , Goya and Miró.

  2. Yes, that would have been so great to see you again in Europe but especially in Morocco! We almost went back to Tangier for a few days at the end, but that didn't work out.

    The boys must be more grown up now. And maybe Mories too, eh? We hope not, he should stay a wonderful "big kid." Absolutely we would love to have you visit us! We are close to the ocean, and we know how much you all like that!

    Say تحيات وسلم to magical Morocco for us -- we will return someday, soon, insha'Allah. Please stay in touch, "Halle."